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2009 - 2014 Audi S4 Parking/Marker Light

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Hey Fellas,

I installed an EVO-ALL w/ AUD1 T-Harness on a 2011 Audi S4 as standalone using Guide # 77161. Remote starter works great but park lights don't turn on when its running.

I had the parking light control ON the settings/options using through the flash-link updater and I don't see an analog wire to actually connect the EVO-ALL/EVO-ONE into vehicle's parking light circuit. Am i missing anything?

posté Fev 20, 2019 dans la catégorie Audi par Grease Monkey Tuners (1,140 points)

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When the evo-all is used in stand alone on this vehicle it has no more outputs for things like marker/parking lights.
répondu Fev 20, 2019 par Derek (228,160 points)

Thanks for the answer, Derek... How about using an EVO-ONE w/ T-Harness Standalone Guide # 72771?

I don't see an analog wire to actually connect the EVO-ONE into vehicle's parking light circuit. Could you please confirm if it is controlled through data?


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EVO-ALL: brown/white is always a negative "parking light" output when in stand alone.

EVO-ONE: pink


That car, parking lights are on LIN bus which is why you see no connections.
répondu Fev 22, 2019 par Robb (262,720 points)

Ok, now that we know that the parking light activation is done through data.. could you guys confirm that the EVO-ALL could actually do it? was it tested during R&D?

The evo does not control parking lights through data.
Thank you! Thats all I needed to know so that I can properly notify the client