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Can the EVO-ALL be used as a standalone remote starter and connected to a RF-KIT on a 2002 Ford F150?

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I am intending to install an EVO-ALL into my 2002 Ford F150. I plan on using only the remote start (with the alarm function toggled on, if applicable), and using both my OEM key fob(s) and an RF-KIT for remote/app use. Am I correct in my research, that the only hardware I'll need is the EVO-ALL, the FLASHLINK Updater, and the compatiable RF-KIT?
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posté Fev 13, 2019 dans la catégorie Ford par Ben Amos (130 points)
fermé Fev 14, 2019 par Ben Amos

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The evo all will not start your vehicle.

We also do not support remote start from the factory remote for this vehicle.


You would need the following parts:

1- Evo-One

2- RF kit

3- Flash link updater
répondu Fev 14, 2019 par Derek (178,330 points)
Okay, so the Evo-One will do the bypass,work as an alarm, as well as start my 2002 F150. If I add the Evo-Start2 RF module, I'll be able to start/check alarm armed status with the companion app, but I STILL will not be able to utilize the 3x lock function? Is this due to the age of my vehicle, or am I missing something?
age of vehicle. EVO-ALL can only be used as a remote starter on vehicles that can be rmeote started by low currrent connections or through data. There is no data the module is connected to aside from the immobilizer wiring.

No data bus = no oem remote detection = no 3xlock, no aftermarket alarm control from the oem remote.

A lot of wiring for remote start, alarm and door lock control will be needed since there is no data bus that the module is connected to.

Be sure to check you are in the coverage zone of the evo-start 2 before purchasing anything.
Thank you very much, Robb. That perfectly explains my issue(s) and points me in the right direction for install.

As for the Evo-Start2, I've already made sure that I'm currently in the existing coverage area.

Thank you for the clear and concise info.