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2007 f150 unable to program evo one - 2 key program

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Using evo one on a 2007 ford f150.

Put device into programming mode (solid red led)

3 seconds on both keys.

Press the program button and the red led goes off and comes back solid (if i hold it for longer, it comes back flashing red) ,

not sure which is the proper status, but i've tried both.

3x lock on the oem remote and the truck does not start. No change on the evo one. (programmed evo one to accept 3x start)

I've wired up via guide 84131, no wires into CAN (it didn't say to). A2,A3,A7,A10,A11, A15(just left undone), A20, E1-6.
posté Fev 9, 2019 dans la catégorie Ford par Ray Caruso (160 points)

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