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during programing key from step 4 of key setup both red and yellow stay on all time

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peace and blessing of almighty onebe on you,. alreay check my yellow wire which is connect to 12v with key on and 0v with key off aswell rx and tx wire also attached properleya on crosponded wire can you let me know what is going on
posté Jan 20, 2019 dans la catégorie Ford par hamid din (130 points)

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One key troubleshooting: The first 4 steps are only for mode selection. If you cannot pass these steps then their is an issue with one of the following: 1-Firmware is incorrect for the vehicle. Verify you have flashed the proper firmware to the vehicle. 2-Yellow wire (A1) already has 12 volts present on it and it should have 0 Volts on it at this time. 3- Power & Ground Verify the power and ground being supplied to the module. Two key troubleshooting: Timing is crucial When cycling the keys! Ensure you are counting 3 seconds per key this is crucial in getting the module to program correctly.
répondu Jan 20, 2019 par Anthony Wilkinson (7,120 points)
i already answer in that question about yellow wire i also did follow 3 sec per key procuder also  check software for by pass all in with recommend  , thing you are saying is already in diag tree from evo tell me some thing techinal thanks