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Once installed all 3 lights stay on and unable to start remotely

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2019 F250

I had a Evo ALL with T-harness, works great. I decided to get the EVO-START2 so I can start from my phone.

I installed as per guide #69731 page 12&14/17

Once I have programed the EVO and turned the ignition off the 3 led lights stay on.

If I try an operationn from my phone the ant flashes but nothing happens and if I try to start form my key fob, nothing happens.

I have removed the Start2 and reconfigured back to starting from the key fob only.


posté Jan 19 dans la catégorie Ford par Jason Attwood (130 points)

1 Réponse

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The vehicle is in Ontario or southern Quebec right? That's the only places it would work. Towards the bottom is a coverage map
répondu Jan 19 par Anthony Wilkinson (7,100 points)

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