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2014 rav4 hkey with toy-3 harness, programming seems to have worked but does not remote start

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I've connected all the required wires using the toy-3 harness (I don't have TPMS so did not connect those two and I didn't connect the hood pin contact). I updated the unit using the flash link updater to the settings in the guide. I programmed the evo-one and got all the lights as per the guide, after the blue led was flashing rapidly i turned off the ignition and the evo-all stopped flashing. When i press the lock button the blue light flashes each time but the rav4 does not remote start.
posté Jan 18, 2019 dans la catégorie Toyota par Bhavesh Kumar (160 points)

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répondu Jan 18, 2019 par Anthony Wilkinson (7,120 points)
Thanks Anthony. Is that spec sheet for American rav4's? The Canadian versions don't have TPMS as it's not mandatory in Canada. The one I'm working on definitely doesn't have it (no reset button, no light on dash, no TPMS info under car in infotainment system) so I thought I didn't have to connect it. Also the guide states that the connections are only required if the vehicle has TPMS. From guide: "CONNECTION ONLY REQUIRED IF REMOTE START CONTROL FROM OEM REMOTES IS DESIRED AND VEHICLE IS EQUIPPED WITH TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM (TPMS)."

Would the wires still exist and require connection if TPMS is not there?
Yes, its for American models. Sorry.
No problem. What else could be causing the issue? Does the hood pin have to be connected?
When I use the flash link updater to flash the Evo-One, do I need to reprogram the Evo-One in the rav4 again, or do I just plug it in and it will work?
Yes reprogram after flash. You can hook your hood pin wire out of Evo up to ground and try to start. If it works then your issue is the hood pin.

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