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EVO-ONE Activates, but no Crank

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Installing an EVO-ONE on a 2006 Toyota Solara, Automatic.


Unit settings are as required (car is back with it's owner at the moment and I forgot to grab the service number), connections look solid and the automatic loop is cut.


Programming seems to have worked fine, and lock/unlock/trunk release all work perfectly. I've doubled checked that the car was not in valet mode.


Upon pressing remote start (using a Fortin brand RF kit), the parking lights light up and the red and yellow lights on the unit light up. The car seems to go to accessory or ignition mode, but right when it would be at the cranking point, nothing happens. I get 4 flashes (No Tach Signal?), then it retries with the same result.


The No Tach Signal seems to be the issue here, but I'm not sure why. My only thought is regarding the wiring diagram on this car. As per the instructions, there are no wires going to the canbus lo/hi, could that be a problem? Or do the tx/rx wires of the installation cover that?


EDIT: Other notes: The car starts fine without the remote start, and will still not crank even with the key in the ignition.
posté Jan 15 dans la catégorie Toyota par Sean S (190 points)

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