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Will the OEM remote work to unlock door after the remote start is engaged

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After installing a EVO ONE remote start on 2018 Toyota Tundra, I couldn’t unlock the door with OEM remote, had to do it manually,is there anything else I can do to make the locks work after engine is running?
posté Jan 15, 2019 dans la catégorie Toyota par Favio Monroy (160 points)

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In order to work you must do the TPMS cut shown in the guide. If you did, you probably cut the wrong wire. WHen the remote starter is running, the tpms light should be on if you look at the instrument cluster.
répondu Jan 16, 2019 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)
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i had to remove my oem remote starter in order to regain door lock functions on my oem fob

SOLVED. so in the end, i did a ton of searching on line and inquiring to Fortin to figure this out. its quite simple. after removing most of the bottom of the dash including the lower steering column, heater controls , glove box, kick panels, radio/nav unit and pass side airbag (did not unplug anything), i located the remote start unit (RES) on the pass side , on the left behind the glove box. unplugged this unit and just followed its (RES) harness. it went to the pass side kick panel where i unplugged it from the bunch of plugs in there. there was a gray plug there that fit into the socket i had pulled the (RES) harness from. i then followed the harness in the opposite direction towards the console. At the heater blower, there is a black box that the (RES) harness is plugged into. unplug that and the other white 3 pin connector.(pink wires). just leave that one hanging there. not required anymore. keep following the (RES) harness up and behind the radio. there is a black socket taped to a harness. it has a plug on the left that is a T from the RES harness. it has a bunch of yellow wires coming from it. unplug that T and join the two black plugs together. now for the steering column. the RES harness is plugged into your ignition (key) plug. the original plug is zip tied to the column. they look identical. just swap them.
there now everything is back to a non-oem remote start truck. you can easily install and program your Fortin evo one and now the door locks will activate with your fob.

répondu Jan 23, 2021 par marockus (180 points)

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