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I recently upgraded my compustar CM7000 + Evo-All setup for an EVO-ONE since the take over only works with an Evo-One. Old wiring was 100 stripped and redone according to the Evo-One guide. Everything seems to work fine except for one thing : the take-over procedure. At first, as soon as the driver door was opened, the engine would shut off. I was advised that the take-over only works on the 4.11 firmware. After downgrading to the 4.11 firmware and re-programming the module (and re-decrypting with decryptor), the engine keeps running when the driver side door is open (which is a good thing), but when pressing on the brake pedal, the engine shuts down almost every time. Only twice in about 20 remote starts did it not shut down and the take over succeded I followed the take over procedure that is described in the guide (at the end of the guide), but it fails almost every time. Here is step by step what I do :   

1. Stay 10 feet away from the car and lock it   

2. Send the remote start command. (Which always succeeds)   

3. Walk toward the car, unlock it with the OEM remote (also tried remote starter remote and button on door handle), enter the car (with the OEM keyfob/remote on me) and close the door and make sure to never touch the brake pedal while doing so.   

4. Press on the PTS button once. (At this point, the headunit (radio) powers on, the steering wheel lock disengages, etc)   

5. I press on the brake pedal and as soon as I do so, the engine shuts down.   


Only as soon as the brake pedal is pressed does the engine die. I made sure all options in the module reflecting this behavior were disabled. I also tried pushing the PTS button more than once, but to no avail. All subsequent presses on the button do nothing at all. What am I missing? I am hoping to make this work as the take over is the only reason why I purchased the Evo-One. Any help is most welcome! All the wiring was checked twice with a multimeter and it is wired as expected.  


Thank you



posté Jan 13, 2019 dans la catégorie Honda par Remy Ayad (230 points)

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Hi, I had same problem on my 2018 civic pts.  I discovered that you have to hold the push to start button down longer (a full 1 or 2 seconds) unlike oem quick press functionality before pressing brake pedal within 45 seconds after otherwise engine shuts off.
répondu Jan 28, 2019 par Adam Stewart (180 points)
modifié Jan 28, 2019 par Adam Stewart

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