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Car starts but only runs for a few seconds

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We purchase the EVO-ALL for our son thischristmas, from MPC ( I think ), because he wanted to add remote start to his car. It's a 2011 Ford Taurus, the unit was supposed to come preconfigured. We installed the unit and the key does remote start the car now, however it only runs for about 5 seconds, then shuts down. The red light comes on, it starts for 5 seconds, then the yellow light flashes and it cuts off. Then the red light comes on again and the engines starts, then it dies again after 5 seconds.  The yellow light comes on steady and the red light flashes 3 times. then they all turn off.  All the doors are shut.  I've tried to get support from MPC but, they last suggested that I program the tach, but their instructions weren't very clear. They wrote "Press the program button (red 2 pin blue plug that plugs into the LC/RS) 5 times", but there is no red 2 pin blue plug. Any help getting this working would be great. 

Tach programming
Start the car with the key
Press the program button (red 2 pin blue plug that plugs into the LC/RS) 5 times
The LED on the side of the LC/RS will blink 5 times (this enters program mode)
Press the program button 1 more time
The LED will blink 1 time (this selects tach programming)
Press the brake pedal 1 time
The LED will blink 1 time (this confirms it learned the tach)
Turn the key off.

posté Jan 12 dans la catégorie Ford par Samuel Davis (130 points)

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The program button is the valet button. Its stupid they call it two different things.
répondu Jan 13 par Anthony Wilkinson (7,080 points)
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I have the exact same issue.  Also purchased from MPC.  Mine is with a 2011 fusion and MPC told me the exact same thing.  I've been working on mine for a couple weeks, but I have to take it back out everytime it doesn't work so my wife can use her car.

  I'm going to try MPC's suggestion after work today.  Although they said it was preprogrammed so if it is the tach issue, it should have been programmed right to begin with.

I'll post again if it works and hopefully you post if you find a solution.
répondu Jan 13 par Kerry Kosier (150 points)
I completed the reprogramming of the tach sensor and my remote start now works perfectly. Hopefully yours will also
That's great.  What was the procedure for programming the Tach?  The instructions they gave me don't appear to work.  Thanks
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Improper tach management from the remote starter system. The remote starter will also be attempting a 2nd or 3rd attempt. Be sure to check your installation guide for any specific Tach option settings.
répondu Jan 13 par Anthony Wilkinson (7,080 points)