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2011 Escape. Successful program, no Start.

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Programmed using two working transmitter style keys. Program followed the sequence exactly. Yet nothing happens when lock lock lock or lock unlock lock is pressed. (Other than the doors locking and unlocking). I followed the installation guide 77081. Which says ORANGE/ WHITE wire for IMMO POWER is "not connected", as well as the PURPLE/YELLOW (KEY SENSE). Is this correct? Also, this is the Fort4 harness, not the Fort1.
posté Jan 12, 2019 dans la catégorie Ford par Chris Dawson (130 points)

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First thing to ensure is that you have configured the module according to your installation. Example 3x lock from the OEM remote: You should have turned on options C1 & D1 in the module. If you are unsure if these options are on, there is a simple test to check. Take the Drk.Blue wire from the 20 pin connector, place it to ground in the vehicle. If the RED led turns ON the module is configured to be installed with a remote starter. If the RED led does NOT turn ON then we know at least option D1 is enabled.
répondu Jan 13, 2019 par Anthony Wilkinson (7,090 points)
Often there is not enough 3x lock on Ford (6x lock) and I install lock-unlock-lock