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2013 Honda Accord Push to Start - Cannot get past initial programming.

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I'm looking for some help here. I recently purchased the Evo One with T-Harness for my 2013 Honda Accord with the Push to Start ignition.

I have verified that all my connections were made correctly with the T-Harness to the car and to the module itself.

I followed the instructions and waited for the Red and Blue LEDs to be solid before letting go of the programming button. They stay solid. I connected the 20-pin connector, then the white connector to the other side of the module, then the red one last. When I press the button 3 times according to the instructions, I get no response from the unit itself, the LEDs stay solid and do not blink, therefore I cannot continue any further to program the module to my car. I have tried reconnecting the harnesses at least 5 times with no success, making sure that the connections are solid.
posté Jan 3 dans la catégorie Honda par Mike Kelledjian (210 points)
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The wiring connection sequence indicates that you plug in the smaller white plug after plugging in the red plug.
répondu Jan 6 par Stan Wildman (210 points)
démasquées Fev 14 par Stan Wildman
Okay, so an update. It turned out that the EVO ONE module did not have my cars firmware installed. Got it done at a shop and the programming went through, and went through the rest of the steps and everything is good. HOWEVER, my car wont start with the 3x lock button sequence. I dunno if the firmware that was uploaded onto my car is the correct one now or if something else is preventing it. The white/red wire coming out of the red 6 pin connector was damaged on arrival but I fixed it myself, so I highly doubt it's a wiring problem.

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