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2015 Ford Kuga PTS can't open doors while remote started

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Hi! My Kuga have only keyless start but doesn't have keyless entry (Trend+ trim - one step lower than Titanium). Is there still no solution to open doors with oem fob while car is remotely started by evo-all standalone? When I press unlock button I see that fortin detect it by blinking with blue LED but nothing happens.

I've connected A5 and A19 pins to unlock and lock signals of BCMkuga, turned option A1 on - no use.
posté Dec 13, 2018 dans la catégorie Ford par Dmitry Zagaynov (230 points)

1 Réponse

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If you start the vehicle with push button normally (no remote starter) does the factory remote still work ? If they don't, a seperate RFKIT will be required to unlock doors.
répondu Dec 13, 2018 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)
You are right - remote doesn't work while engine is running.

Only external solutions... that's sad :(