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Correct Options for Evo-One Standalone Remote Start - 2008 Ford Fusion

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I have installed an EVO-ONE into a 2008 Ford Fusion.  This is NOT a T-harness install, as no T-Harness is available for this model.  Connections include Yellow A1 to Pink E5, which in turn is connected to the ignition wire at the key cylinder block; Lt. Blue / Black A10 and Lt. Blue A20 to PATS RX and TX, respectively, at the PATS ring block; Green/White A17 and Green/Red A18 to the respective ends of the LF door trigger pin circuit; Orange E2 to the Accessory wire at the key cylinder block; Yellow E6 to the start wire at the key cylinder block; and E3 and E4 to 12V constant live and ground connections, respectively.  Gray/Black C4 is connected to CAN LOW at the OBDII connector, and Gray C3 is connected to CAN HIGH at the OBDII connector. I have double-checked all wiring and confirmed correct connections throughout.

I flashed the EVO-ONE bypass side to Firmware 71.[18], and have set function 31 to option 4.  Upon initial post-installation test, I set the LED on the face of the EVO-ONE to "Blue," and got the quick flash when turning the ignition key.  Holding the key to the PATS ring and remote-starting the vehicle, it started for a second and then shut off.  

I have not had any success in performing the two-key programming procedure.  The LED remains red, and I do not get the expected LED changes when inserting the first and second keys as directed.  

I'm assuming I have a configuration issue of some sort, and I'm hoping someone can offer some insight.  I have loaded the "suggested settings" in Flash Manager and have saved those to the EVO-ONE, but am stuck at getting the vehicle to remain started during the initial test.

Thanks, in advance, for your help!
fermer avec la note: I have determined the problem and have it working now.
posté Dec 11, 2018 dans la catégorie Ford par Steven Krieser (500 points)
fermé Dec 17, 2018 par Steven Krieser