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2017 Civic Si, EVO-ONE, doors no longer automatically lock when driver get out of the car

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The option is still enabled in the car's settings, but the doors no longer lock automatically when the driver get out of the car, even if the driver does not activate the ready mode

It doesn't work since the EVO-ONE firmware/wiring has been updated for the key takeover


2017 Civic Si, PTS w/ manual transmission


posté Dec 4, 2018 dans la catégorie Honda par Robocop (380 points)

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THe doors will relock 10 seconds after shutdown from idle mode.
répondu Dec 5, 2018 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)
This is what I expect, it worked like that before I updated the firmware and rewired the evo-one for the key takeover, but now, the doors do not relock if I do not lock them with the remote. The doors do not lock neither when I get out of the car without activating the ready mode. I always have to lock them manually (with the remote) everytime. What could be wrong? A setting in the evo-one? A wire?
If you performed a master, options are cleared, connect the module back to the computer and make sure option D2 is enabled.
The D2 option is enabled and works as expected.

My car is manual and I enabled 33.2 (Automatically activated by hand-brake and foot brake).

My issue is when I get out of the car with the ready mode NOT activated (for example, I let it on the 1st gear). In this case, the doors used to lock automatically when I get out of the car, but they do not anymore (since I updated the evo-one bypass:4.11, remote starter:1.24).
The doors lock automatically when you get out of the car with ready mode enable. If you don't engage ready mode the car will not automatically relock.
On few Civic X trims 2017 and UP, this is what we call the "Walk Away Doors Lock"

I'm experiencing the same issue. I went back to the person who installed the Evo-One, remove everything installed, it worked. Re-installed the Evo-One, Walk Away Doors Lock worked for a week or 2, and now not working at all. Do not mix with the one enbedded in the Evo-One when engaged with Ready Mode. This is the Honda Walk Away Doors Lock.

I had this problem with a 2019 CR-V and disconnecting the car battery and reconnecting it fixed the walk away feature.