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Which wire outputs +12V to the brake switch during remote start? OMEVOALL Fortin - EVO-NIST1

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07 Infiniti G35 Push to start. OMEVOALL unit Fortin - EVO-NIST1 T harness. Installed and programmed no problem.

Remote start only works when someone presses on the brake pedal (Otherwise it just turn on the radio, gauges for a few seconds then off)  I tried using both the RL-1 and RL-2 harness neither works.

I bought preprogrammed unit. I dont know if there's a problem with the programming or i have a loose wire somewhere. At no point will my unit activate the brake lights.

Which wire is supposed to simulate the brake being pressed?  I can run another wire if I need to but I think something might be wrong with my unit. Thanks!!
fermer avec la note: solved - loose pin connection
posté Dec 2, 2018 dans la catégorie Infiniti par TYLER HERMES (160 points)
fermé Dec 3, 2018 par TYLER HERMES

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