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2013 Impreza with eco one and rfw642 will not lunlock door when remote started.

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Hello! I just installed an evo one on a 2013 Impreza. My problem is when I remote start the vehicle the rf kit will not unlock the doors. It works fine when it’s not on. I’ve checked all wires many times and they’re all connected properly. When I press the fob when the car is on, there is no blue light lighting up but it beeps and the lights flash like they normally do. The oem remote will unlock the door when it’s remote started but will not turn it off with 3xlock.
posté Dec 2, 2018 dans la catégorie Subaru par Erwin Mendoza (170 points)

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I've got the same exact problem with a similar set. I've got the 2015 Impreza, with the EVO-One and RF642W kit. As soon as the remote start is active, the RF kit is ignored other than beeping and light flashing when I push a button. What I'm also fighting with is the fact that the kit will not lock the door after remote start. Regardless of what options I change in the programming it beeps and flashes lights, but it doesn't flash the Blue light on the EVO or lock the doors. When I enable C1 in the programming, it also crashes the CANBus connection and I get a host of many error codes back from various ECUs throughout the car. Multiple Master Resets on the Bypass and Remote Starter have not fixed the issue. I'd also appreciate any guidance from Fortin on this one. It's really troubling as I essentially have a car stuck in the garage that I can't use because of this at the moment.
répondu Dec 17, 2018 par Brian Bergeron (150 points)
I also have the exact same problem as the original question (but one can only comment on answers). 2012 Impreza manual transimission. RF kit (642W) will not unlock car when remote start is active. Factory remote does. If I kill the car with the rfkit I can then unlock it.


No can bus crashes for me.