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Evo-All Mazda cx5 2018 Programmed but, won't start. Red and Yellow Leds, and clicking relay

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I'm going nuts. I've tried everything multiple times and still struggling with this.

Blue leds flash with every button. I am getting red and yellow leds when I try to start with 3x lock. The relay for the lights click several times. I keep reading that it should be the hood pin, but when I try jumping the pins under the hood, my car goes nuts and throws a ton of errors. I tried grounding the blue wire from the large connector on the evo-all, and then it wouldn't even attemt to work. (I disconnected that wire.) I've been through every connection several times with a volt meter checking continuity and I just can't seem to find anything to solve this. Is it in my options?

I went back to the Flashlink and changed all the settings to default suggested settings.

I'm getting 4 or 5 light flashes. I know the fobs are not in the car. So, it has to be hood.?

Never mind, Got it... the wire I used under the hood to jump the pin was frayed a little at the end and must have been shorting on a nearby pin. I know I ran accross someone else's question with the same errors on the dash. I hope this helps. Cheers!
posté Nov 17, 2018 dans la catégorie Mazda par Neal Meeker (260 points)
modifié Nov 18, 2018 par Neal Meeker

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