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Must the firmware on evo one be updated to the guide recommended prior to install even if the current firmware is newer?

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2017 cx5 Push to start automatic. First install, with T-harness
posté Nov 16, 2018 dans la catégorie Mazda par Erik Alarcon (180 points)

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From my experience, if it states "Ony" under the firmware version on the first page of the guide, you must use that version. If it says "Minimum" you can use a more recent version.

   I had issues going through the key learning procedure the first time I installed one and updated the firmware without first selecting the one required by the guide. I'm not sure why, after selecting the vehicle when you first plug in the module, they can't have the correct firmware showing instead of the most recent, but maybe that will be an improvement made in the future?
répondu Dec 27, 2019 par Brad (180 points)