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2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee DTCs after remote start is used

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I purchased a evo all stand alone remote start with the T harness. After installing the unit I tested the remote start and everything seems to work as intended but I noticed that after using the remote start the check engine light on. So I read the codes and cleared them with my snap on solus ultra scanner. I then started the truck with the key to confirm they were cleared and all was good. I tried the remote start and again after it started the truck I have the same 3 DTCs

U110A Lost communication with steering column module - CAN- C

U0103 Lost communication with electric gear shift module

U1411 Implausible fuel volume signal received

The unit also does not turn on the heat or A/C. Nothing on the dash is on radio, gauges etc.
posté Nov 10, 2018 dans la catégorie Jeep par Chris Banks (130 points)

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What module have you installed ? What is the service number written on the back of the module ?
répondu Nov 12, 2018 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)

It is a EVO-CHRT5. Service # 003606014559

It is a EVO-CHRT5. Service # 003606014559

Installation diagram shows to cut yellow/red in t-harness and connect to ignition wire, make sure you have done this connection. Also verify the MUX connection.
Found a bad connection on the mux wire. Unit is working fine now. Thank you

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