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Mazda 6 and no more flashing

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I have problem with mazda6 2017 push-to--start automatic evo-one with thar-maz1. its worked but gives errorcodes and cruise disabled when i takeover and drive, i tried different firmwares and now its locked - can't flash anymore. what options I have? It can work as well as before because now I have nothing
posté Oct 30, 2018 dans la catégorie Mazda par karu puhh (160 points)

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I have reset it for you so that you can flash.


I have heard of the cruise control issue before and have no solution at this time other then setting option D3- door open shut down.


Re programming the module will not fix the issue.
répondu Oct 30, 2018 par derek ! (285,690 points)
ok and what is your sugesstion to firmware - latest both ?
Whatever it recommends when you connect it to the flash link updater.
ok thank you


I cant get it work - hooked up thar harness 6pin when pressing button and release when blue, , ig on (2x button- no start) but blue not flashing , and now its again locked . what do I doing wrong - installed few more to other Mazdas like mine -  no problems