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2008 Honda CRV, blue light flashing slowly after programming

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Following guide #57701 I have installed an EVO-ONE service no:002b07184652 into a 2008 Honda CRV.

Programming steps 1-5 appear to go fine, at step 6 when i turn off the ignition the blue light starts flashing slowly and does not turn off.

I've verified wire connections and unplugged the module and attempted to start. The security light flashes and will not start.

Any idea what I have done wrong?
posté Oct 23, 2018 dans la catégorie Honda par c hansen (310 points)

2 Réponses

+2 votes
- perform a master reset (

- then re enable any vehicle specific options

- then re program in vehicle.
répondu Oct 23, 2018 par derek ! (277,630 points)
worked perfectly.  Im glad that it was so simple.
–1 vote
The module hasn't been flashed. You could configure first the options and update the firmware to the recommended version according to the guide and try again the programming.

bypass side 73.19

remote starter side: 1.24
répondu Oct 23, 2018 par Antoine Marion (1,590 points)
I flashed the module. The status says I am on flash limit 3/8. 73.19 is not ana available firmware number to load into the module. I flashed both sides to the latest available firmware then I downgraded the bypass to 73.29. the remote start side is at 1.24

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