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EVO-FORT1 isn't programming keys.

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Installed the EVO-ALL with FORT1 t-harness (standalone unit with no RF or datalink) in a 2010 Ford Focus. Firmware was updated to 71.47. Used Guide 71341. Tried programming two keys, but at step 8, I press and release the programming button and the red light stays solid and the car doesn't start. When I put the first key in at step 4, the red light is still on but the yellow light comes on and then goes off. Step 6, I put the second key in and it's just the red light still on.

Is pin A13 (yellow/black) required to be connected to a start/stop external control or is this optional?
posté Oct 20, 2018 dans la catégorie Ford par Bryan Frobese (180 points)

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Status update on my question. I reprogrammed the Evo-All unit again with the Flash-Link and now everything works great.

Out of curiosity, what is pin A13 (yellow/black) used for and pins A2 (purple) and A3 (purple/white)?
répondu Oct 20, 2018 par Bryan Frobese (180 points)
These are all INPUTS that are using if installing a 3rd party module for keyless entry or remote start.


In your case they are not needed.