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15 Ford Fusion standard Key will run only for 10 mins no matter what I set it to.

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2015 Ford Fusion Automatic Standard Key Stand alone

I have Evo All hardware ver 6 software 4.01

It will run only 10 mins even if I will set it to 30 in diesel mode.

I updated the software to 4.02 like recomended by the flashlink but than my car will not start at all so I went back to 4.01 and same 10 mins at 15 set.

Please advise.
posté Oct 20, 2018 dans la catégorie Ford par Karol Kipirzepa (140 points)

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That’s because, I think, the firmware isn’t compete. It’s suppose to set and turn on remote starter in the vehicles advanced settings. The ones you adjust on the TFT screen in middle of the Speedo etc. there are default options that I think the car selects and since it’s not showing you those options on the screen you can’t change them. I have tried this unit on 2 different F-150’s and it does this on both vehicles. The default run time on the factory is set to 10. I pulled the units and installed DEI DB3’s. They work perfect and allow you to change all this and set runtime to 15 minutes. Please Fortin fix the firmware.
répondu Nov 28, 2018 par Mike Payne (490 points)
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You can try turning off option F2
répondu Oct 21, 2018 par Mike M (9,750 points)