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Standare or Standalone?

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service number 001A06556424

2016 GMC Sierra 2500 Diesel, automatic, standard key, ON-Star

I have the EVO-ALL module and the GMT-3 harness.

All seemed to go well on the install but have questions and ready to put the firmware in and do programming.

1.Document indicates Lock/Unlock wires not needed with On-Star.  Advise.  I've only connected parking lights and CAN-BUS line.

2. When selecting firmware, I get standard or stand-alone question.  Unsure of the difference.

Also - what is the CORRECT document I should be looking at for following the complete installation for my setup.





Bettendorf, IA
posté Oct 6, 2018 dans la catégorie GMC par Matthew Reed (130 points)

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If EVOALL is used alone, without seperate remote starter, you choose standalone.

THe correct guide is this one :
répondu Oct 7, 2018 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (51,270 points)
What about my question number 1. ?


1.Document indicates Lock/Unlock wires not needed with On-Star.  Advise.  I've only connected parking lights and CAN-BUS line.


Since the referred document indicates with an asterisk 'if the vehicle is NOT equipped with the On-Star system'  I would take it to mean that they DO NOT get connected SINCE I have On-Star.

Clarification is needed here.

Thank you.


If you do have on-star then you shouldn't need to connect them. If you find that the locks don't work then add those wires. Lmk what happens
Agreed, I shouldn't need them.  But it does nothing but flash the blue light, slowly.

So, hooked them into the lock/unlock lines as noted.  No difference.

Further questions:

1. Chicken or Egg scenario. Is the EVO-ALL counting pulses from the UNLOCK line and sending data onto the CANBUS to command IGNITION/START sequence?  Or is there some other magic happening?

2. If my estimation in Q1 is correct, then shouldn't EVO-ALL be reading vehicle LOCK pulses with an IN signal line such as on pin A2 rather than an OUT signal like A5?

3. What is correct data protocol for this? Currently set to AP/OFA DATALINK.



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