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2014 Ram 1500 crimestopper revo 1.1 hangs on yellow when programming remote

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installing a revo 1.1 remote starter on my Fortin Evo All unit chrt6 on my 2014 ram 1500.  when programming the remote units i  unplug the power cable. hold program button and plug power cable back in. i get a solid red and solid blue.  i press the program button and hold until the blue and red lights flash out and come back on.  I put the key in the ignition and turn to run position i get a solid yellow.  red and blue are still lit.  when i push the button on the remote unit to pair to module the red and blue light are suppose to blink to acknowledge the remote unit has been programmed.  on my unit the red and blue light go out and only the yellow light remains on.

firmware 74.37.  In my flash link setting under data protocols everything is greyed out i cannot select F2
posté Oct 4, 2018 dans la catégorie Ram par Elizabeth Kingston (160 points)

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What is the service number to the module?


You probably just have a wrong option ON.
répondu Oct 4, 2018 par derek ! (277,630 points)
Service # 001A06800426. I try to compare to other Q&A but seems I have more options in the programmer. It is a stand alone system T harness.
I did read somewhere that it's recommended to downgrade the rf kit to like 1.6. Not exactly sure what thats about.

Are you using the little adapter that came with the revo kit? Please post a picture of how you connected the antenna to the evo.

Not sure how to add pic. Yes I am using the adapter that came with the rf. It has a fuse. I plug it to the rf with a clip and plug the other other end into the data cable harness black plug with a clip.
RE Options;

All As - ON

B1 - Off

B2 - ON

B3 - OFF

C1 - ON

D1 - ON


D1.6 - ON

D1.10 - ON

D1.11 - ON

D2 - ON

D3 TO D7 - OFF


F - na

G - ON

G1 - ON

G2 - ON

G3 - OFF

G4 - OFF

H - ON

H3 ON.

If this helps?
I suggest contacting technical support to further troubleshoot your issue.  

Toll Free:

1-877-336-7797 Mon-Fri 8-6 EST.
Thank you so much for excellent service. Determined rf kit is defective after speaking to both fortin tech. And crimestopper tech. Support. I love my Evo All! Thanks
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If you are using stand alone you don't need any data protocol you need one of the "H"options not an "F"option.
répondu Oct 4, 2018 par Mike M (9,820 points)
Thanks. I was curious about that.
Sorry. T harness.

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