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2017 Ram 1500 Tip Start, Will Not Remote Start

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2017 Ram, Gas, Tip Start, CHRT6, OEM Remote

Flashed with standalone, T-harness, with built in alarm, 74.[37] firmware, 6.0 hardware.

No hood pin, valet switch, or parking lights connected.

C1 and D1 enabled, #8 blue wire does not turn red when grounded.

Everything seems to be installed correctly.  The key programs without issues.  Flashes without issues.  The blue light falshes each time the lock button is pushed.  The yellow light comes on when it is started with the key.



When I attempt to remote start (3x lock button on the EOM remote) nothing happens on the unit or in the truck.  No attempt to start, no dash lights, nothing.

Any advice?
posté Sept 6, 2018 dans la catégorie Ram par Joshua Lindt (260 points)

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Figured it out myself.  it was simple, but I will leave this up in case anyone else has a similar issue.  I did not find any solutions answered anywhere else.


In the flash link under the D1 sub-menu, Lock-Unlock-Lock or Lock-Lock-Lock has to be selected.  They were both off.  Once I selected Lock-Lock-Lock it worked perfectly.
répondu Sept 7, 2018 par Joshua Lindt (260 points)
élue Sept 7, 2018 par JM
thanks I had the same issue on 2018 Ram1500 and this worked for me too.  THANKS!!!
Had the same issue. Programed many times knew I was doing it right. Im greatful for your post. I was about to shit can the whole thing

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