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fortin evo-all can't synchronise with crimestopper sp-502

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Hi , 

i have followed the guide for mitsubishi eclipse cross. after completed the decrytor process. ( with sugguested setting loaded)

notice the following function can't work out.

1) when the remote start(3x lock) is activated , the dashboard promote out a error promote "electrical system service require " and follow by the OEM alarm trigger. ( wiring all check , and cant understand where went wrong)

2) when the hood is open or activated (without press on start engine button) , the car goes to ignition mode and promote error.

3) the evo-all can't able to synchronise with crimestopper sp-502 , both of the device doesnt tele the event. 

i am confuse of what went wrong after following the instruction carefully.




posté Aout 29, 2018 dans la catégorie Mitsubishi par Max Lin (250 points)

1 Réponse

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The error message is normal.

The car not starting with hood open is also normal.

I do not fully understand your 3rd question.
répondu Aout 29, 2018 par Derek (228,160 points)
1) the error messge promote mean the car can't remote start. i need to make it working.

2) nothing to do with starting , the car hood opening shouldn't ignite the start up button.

3) when i activate my crime stopper alarm lock , the oem is not aware of the locking system. both alarm didnt trigger after i force open the door.
F1 needs to be on. Turn off F2 and H3
f1 can't be turn on , f2 can't be turn seem like this function is disable

H3 is turn off as requested
So switch the datalink protocol in the crimestopper to ofa I believe it's option number 7.
if you cant change the F option, thats because there is an H enabled. turn off anything that is H, including the main option, Support RF-Kit.


Also, your dcryptor is not finished. It is not updated in your evo.

Hi Robb/Mike,

Sorry for the late reponse , recently busy with work.

I have reprogram the dcryptor again and updated the evo-all.I have F1 needs to be on. Turn off F2 and H3.

after wiring up everything and tried. Remote start wont works , the car cockpit display " Electrical System Service Require".

Note: I am using the Crime-Stopper SP502 to link to the Evo-all ( I-AVEC Data-Link ) remote start from crime-stopper also cant work either. i have tried to activate the car alarm by starting the car engine and drive off. it wont kill the ignition. 

can you able to advise where went wrong. 

Service Number : 001A06805488