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Using Evo-One with MyCar Module on 2018 Toyota Tundra

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Trying to get MyCar module to work with an Evo-One that works as expected with OEM key fob. Connect it Evo-one and program. Appears to program correctly, proper light flash after hold then pushing valet button 5 times with key on, hit brake and get confirmation. MyCar app shows where my car is on map, voltage of car and cell signal. It will not start car of do other functions. Fortin Tech says Evo-one should work with thos out of the box. cAN NOT FIND ANYWHERE IN fortan software to program cellular module.
posté Aout 27, 2018 dans la catégorie Toyota par MICHAEL HEATON (180 points)

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Did you follow this guide?


The rf protocol is in the configuration tab under unit options when in remote start mode.
répondu Aout 28, 2018 par Derek (227,350 points)
I downlaoded the newest software and I don't have a unit option under the conguration tab.It showes proxy settings and special units. Special units can just be checked or not checked. It doesn't open.
Walked through programing but Tech said it must be the new flashlink software. Evo-one won't syn with Mycar app. Was told to download Teaviewer and call between 8am-4pm. I guess they dial into my computer and do something.Looks like software was just updated 8/20. If there was a way to download old software I wonder if it would work?
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If  you are still having issues programming, I've got mine working by using programming remote transmitter section on guide # 33021. 2017 toyota tundra no reflash no H2 available G key.

STEP 1 Turn ignition on

STEP 2 Press and hold the valet button for 5 sec FYI. only my dash lights gave me confirmation it was working.

STEP 3 Press and release the valet buttion 5X times confrimation only through dash lights.

STEP 4 Press and release brake pedal once.

STEP 5 I skipped

STEP 6 Turn the ignition off to exit programing.

Hope this works for you.
répondu Aout 31, 2018 par Fordzilla76 (160 points)

Thanks for this Fordzilla76 - I also have a 2017 Tundra, Evo One and 642w.  I was hung up because I got zero confirmation when trying to enter valet / programming to setup the 642w.  No horn, siren, parking lights, and no LED on the 642w like #33021 suggests.  I tried using the valet button and the button on the antenna to no avail. Valet options 30 and 36 are correct in firmware.

The only way I 'guessed' it was in the correct mode was when I got close enough to the evo one to hear the relay click.

Steps I used following #33021:

-Ignition on

-Ignition off

-Ignition on

-brakes x4 (only indication at this point was relay 'click')

-press [-] [lock] on each key fob (this seemed to wake everything up - LED on 642w lit up, parking lights confirmed successful fob registration)

-Ignition off


Just my experience, hope it helps somebody