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Enabling valet mode using the push button 3X with ignition on, no visual indication.

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I was wondering why, when I turn the key to ignition and press the push button 3X for valet mode, there is no visual indication (like parking lights) to verify valet is enabled.  When I use the RF642W remote, the parking lights flash once to provide a visual indication.  Why not do this with the push button as well ?
posté Juin 11, 2018 dans la catégorie Toyota par John Penske (160 points)

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Because you are already in the car with ignition on. Your indicator is the antenna LED turning on solid blue.

Lights are flashed with the remote so you can see from a distance that the valet procedure worked. 

répondu Juin 11, 2018 par Robert T (284,490 points)
The antenna is not working for feature programming.  The service number is
002B07110988.  Does your system show the remote starter firmware ?  It would be handy if I knew without removing the unit to hook up to a PC.  If the firmware is correct, I would do the reset, reprogram the remotes, and then reset my preferred features using the remote.
module is currently at latest firmware
Here is what I did yesterday and the results, in order of how it happened, and knowing the latest firmware is set.  Keep in mind I use the Fortin remote with the Car Link.

1.  Remote starter master reset.  The remotes would not work any more.
2.  Re-established my feature preferences via the flash module, and left the LED enabled.  I did NOT check the Fortin 2 option under the configurations.
3.  Connected the RF642 antenna directly into the antenna port, then programmed the remote using the valet switch, and verified proper operation.
4.  Tested valet mode enable and disable via the antenna switch, and it WORKED.
5.  Removed the antenna connector, then reconnected using the Car Link harness with the diode, but did NOT connect the Car Link brain.  The valet enable and disable again WORKED.
6.  Removed the Evo One to select the Fortin 2 option in the configuration, then reconnected and powered up the Car Link, then programmed the Car Link using the antenna switch, and it WORKED.
7.  NOW... once the Car Link was programmed, the antenna switch NO LONGER works for valet mode or feature programming.  The LED remains enabled.

My conclusion:  The active Car Link is interfering with the valet and feature programming functions of the antenna button.

NOTE:  I was previously advised that the Car Link should be programmed FIRST, then the 642, but even with that, the antenna switch does not work.
So I guess there is no solution for this ?
Since it seems you absolutly need to enable valet mode via the button, simple solution, remove your car link.


If this is not ok, well you have 2 other fully functional ways of doing the same exact thing.