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2010 tundra G key will not program key override all

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2010 tundra with g key 

I’m trying to program key override all 
The unit is not programming the red light comes on solid with connections, truck starts for a second and shuts off, light stays solid even after 5 minuets. 
all the wires seem to be connected properly 

Using connection 20 page 14 and programming 3 page 17 of installation guide-6 wire connection 4 wire connection then power 4 wire plug. Not using the data wires just power/ground 

need a little help 



posté Mai 24, 2018 dans la catégorie Toyota par Steve Floyd (1,960 points)

2 Réponses

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The vehicle should stay running when programming, if you disconnect all connectors except the 4 pin white connector from the key override all and start with key, does the truck stay running ?
répondu Mai 24, 2018 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)
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as you mentionned, when programming, insert 4-pin white, 6-pin white and power last

if you still getting issues here, there is an issue with the connections. Since the car is shutting, check the IMI.
répondu Mai 24, 2018 par Robert T (284,630 points)