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Need help programming REVO 1.1 to EVO-ONE

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I really need some assistance on the following.
I have been trying to get this REVO 1.1 to program to the EVO-ONE for the last two days. I have followed the instructions very closely. The only issue I potentially see is, and the instructions are unclear on this, do I need to use the power adapter?
My EVO-ONE was installed without a T-Harness, the guide states. "The power connections are only needed for the EVO-ALL and ADS-ALCA integration modules. The EVO-ONE will not require these connections." then later, in the same paragraph the guide states "If you are NOT using a T-Harness, then you WILL need to connect the power and ground wires."
So, do I need the power adapter, or not?
I can't get the REVO 1.1 to program using the steps in the guide. I turn the ignition to ON, I see the yellow LED turn on, on the EVO-ONE module. From there, I hold the valet switch until I can see the red LED turns on and flashes rapidly, and then press the valet switch 5 times, and using the parking lights to confirm each press, followed by pressing the brake one time.
Afterwards, I hold the remote button (the only button) for up to 3 seconds as stated in the guide, but I never see the red LED flash to confirm programming, followed by pressing the brake pedal, and turning off the vehicle. I continued with the steps in case I missed the red LED flash.
This install is on a KIA Soul 2016 - standard key - using the latest firmware for both the module (76.39) and the remote start (1.29).
I made sure to select Fortin2 on the remote start settings in the software as well.

If anything, I will call support on Monday, but I can't believe that I can't seem to get an answer on this anywhere.

I have also tried downgrading the firmware to 1.16, but that didn't work either - I was not even able to get the module to go into programming mode after that.

Here is the answer for anyone that needs it!

The guide leaves out information about having to select which wires were set up on the vehicle - somewhat odd to leave the information off entirely...

I have attached a link of a screenshot to the software option, these options should have been included within one of the steps shown on the installation instruction documentation.

Which wiring option did you use to install the EVO-ONE?

posté Mai 19, 2018 dans la catégorie Kia par Marc Gumulka (210 points)
modifié Mai 21, 2018 par Marc Gumulka

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I have added the answer to the parent post - this should hopefully help anyone that has run into issues with the REVO 1.1 and EVO-ONE installation.
répondu Mai 21, 2018 par Marc Gumulka (210 points)

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