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Ready Mode in 2018 Civic PTS Manual + Data Cable Question

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I have two questions on my EVO-ONE 2018 Honda Civic Si Push to Start Manual Install (T-harness)

Install and programming/decrypting went well, clutch wire is tapped.  Car starts fine on its own.  

Only settings I changed were as instructed

Bypass - C1

(Tried D2 on/off didnt seem to make a difference)

Remote Starter - 38.2

Remote Starter - RF Kit = XL202


1) When I try to remore start with the OEM Key 3x or remote, I get the parking light flashing 3 times and thats all.  I think that is a ready mode issue.  Do I need to do anything else/change settings to activate ready mode since it is a manual?

2) I currently have my XL202 hooked up with a jury rigged connector since the data cable was not included in the EVO-ONE box (and the original XL202 cable is the wrong size, it fits into the antenna port, not the data link port on EVO-ONE). Was that cable supposed to be in EVO-One box or is there anywhere I can buy that data cable?  Thanks!
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posté Avr 13, 2018 dans la catégorie Honda par Ron Dennis (130 points)
fermé Avr 16, 2018 par Ron Dennis