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Will not start -2014 Nisssan Maxima SV PTS

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No start and feeling frustrated. I finally programed well precisely following the guide and I double checked wiring. I get blue flushed with 3x lock (OEM) on the evo-all unit. No brake lights come on. I have two brake switches each with two wires (unlike the one 4 wire in the guide) - so I attached the one that fit to the t-harness. When I manually start the care, I have a solid yellow light on the evo-all unit. I even disconnected the valvet switch which grounded, still no start.


posté Avr 12, 2018 dans la catégorie Nissan par ronaldgora (430 points)

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turn on option 1.10 and re test.
répondu Avr 12, 2018 par derek ! (276,840 points)
élue Avr 13, 2018 par ronaldgora

Option 1.10 looks like it's the "Lock-Unlock-Lock". I will try it. Thanks

I did turn on Option 1.10 -  "Lock-Unlock-Lock".

Then in desperation mode,  under "specail functions" I turned off "Run status" (which had no way of monitoring anyway), under "supported RF kits" I turned off "H2 Fortin 2 (because I have no RF kit associated with the unit) and under "datalink protocol" I turned on F1 Fortin (not sure if it is supposed to be on or what it means). I reflushed the Evo-All again with 72.30 (even though it was the current software installed.

I replaced unit in car, did 3x look and nothing. I did "Lock-Unlock-Lock" and the car STARTED! I was estatic. What I did in paragraph 2 was all desperation, your advise to turn on Option 1.10 was what did it.

Thank you Derek.

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