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2017 mazda cx-5 evo-one everything work but no parking light flashes on horn.

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so i have installed everything. everything is functional which is the alarm and remote start. the remote start would light up all the light but when my alarm is on, there is not a single light indicated that my alarm is on but i can hear the horn. the white/blue, white/red and white/green is connected just like the wire diagram said with the thar-one-maz3. i installed the oem hoodpin which is better then the one that was in the package. my unit is in the car so im not going to add that.
posté Avr 3, 2018 dans la catégorie Mazda par dung vo (190 points)

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If you are locking(arming) with the OEM keyfobs, the parking lights will not flash, we do not change the way the oem keyfobs work, one way to test is to lower the driver's door window, lock the vehicle with oem remote, wait 2 minutes, open the door BY REACHING IN through the open window without an oem keyfob with you, and check if the parking lights flash while the horn is honking. If it does, then everything is working as it should.


Thank you,
répondu Avr 3, 2018 par JM (61,760 points)
The parking light doesn't flash but the horn is working
can you please provide the 12 digit service number of the module.
i was able to find out that i need to connect the pink wire in the 20pin with the yellow/blue on to the parking light yellow wire on the stearing signal switch.