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How to make RAV 4 OEM Remote unlock door while remote started

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I just installed an EVO ONE with a toy 8 t-harness in a 2015 RAV4 H key. I set it up to use the 3x oem lock button to start. Everything works great, except the door will not unlock using the oem remote while remote started.

is it possible to to use the remote to unlock the door while running? Did I program something wrong? I have updated all the software to the latest version. Do I need to use a RF Remote?

posté Fev 20, 2018 dans la catégorie Toyota par Craig Monteleone (180 points)
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You must do the tpms interrupt shown in the guide to make the factory remote function while the vehicle is remote started.
répondu Fev 20, 2018 par derek ! (285,990 points)
élue Fev 20, 2018 par derek !
!Hi Derek

Thanks for the quick reply. Whoops forgot to make that connection! Thought it was too easy lol. I will do this tonight

i appreciate the help!