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Some issues/questions using Evo-Start

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I have some issues/questions about using the Evo-Start with the Evo-One on a Civic 2017 Si (PTS, manual):

1- When using the Evo-Start, the car starts as expected (the engine starts and the radio is off). Then if I remote stop then remote start again, the vehicle starts, but the radio is not turned on. Then if I open the door to get in the vehicle, the engine stops as expected, but it looks like if the key stayed on the "ON" position (the instrument cluster, the radio and the fan are all turned on). I suppose the behavior should be the same everytime it is remote started, regardless of whether it has been remotely stopped or not?

2- Once the vehicle is remotely started, if the evo-start does not turn the heated seats on, I can turn them on via the Evo-Start (AUX1 set to Heated Seat), but if I set AUX1 to Defrost instead, the rear defrost does not seem to turn on. Can I set up the Evo-One to activate the rear defrost on demand?

3- When I remote start the car, the air setting seems to stay on the last position it was when I left the car, e.g. if I set it to automatic when I was in the car, the Evo-One does not set it on the windshield when remote start). Is there a way to make the Evo-One to set the fan to max speed, on the windshield and to max temperature on winter? I would like to make sure the windhield is defrosted when I need it (when I remote start the vehicle in winter).

posté Fev 17, 2018 dans la catégorie Honda par Robocop (380 points)

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As for question 2 you need to physically plug the wire on the heated seat or defrost on the evo one its the yellow/black wire but you can only chose one not both. If you are lucky and they both activate via neg pulse then you should be able to diode isolate both wire but the 2 will operate together. Question 3 you cannot inrerface directly with the heater control beforw you leave the car you put you car to full fan and windshield defrost but the rest you cannot do more
répondu Fev 17, 2018 par yannick polasek (1,950 points)
I did not plug any wire for the heated seat as it is activated via the can bus (I thought it was the same for the rear defrost, but it's probably not). Do you know where I can find a wiring diagram for my vehicle? It would be helpful to find what wire activates the defrost. Thanks