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Not sure why my 2018 Mazda CX-3 is not remote starting

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I have the evo-one with the thar-one-maz3 harness. I have configured the evo-one to remote start the car, but it is not working. I have set it up to use lock-unlock-lock. I have tried enabling/disabling the hood pin setting, and grounding out the pink/black cable. Not sure what the issue is. I would like to avoid splicing my lights just for diagnostic purposes.
posté Fev 7, 2018 dans la catégorie Mazda par chris root (250 points)

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On the bypass side you must enable options A1 - A11 (they were on by default)

On the remote starter side you must enable option 38 mode 5.

Make sure you cut the yellow loop on the side of the module.
répondu Fev 7, 2018 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,040 points)
Hi, i have enabled 1-11. I am grounding the pink+black wire for now to meet the hood pin requirement, again i would love clariifcation on if i can just select no for hood pin check and if that would prevent my car from remote starting.

The yellow loop has been cut.

I dont see an option 38-5 in the flash link manager.  When i select Configuration - unit options, i see some remote starter options: D1 is stand-alone enable, i have that checked.

I also have D1.1 checked to use lock-unlock-lock.

Lastly I have D1.6 checked to have the runtime be 15 minutes.
You have enabled the wrong options in the wrong side of the Evo-One, you are forcing the module to act like an Evo-ALL


Please disable all D1 related options, AND DO NOT  access the OFFLINE MENU in the bypass side.

LOCK -UNLOCK- LOCK  in the Evo-1 can only be turned on the remote starter side which can be accessed by clicking on TOGGLE on the bottom right side of the screen with the Evo-1 UNPLUGGED FROM THE FLASHLINK UPDATER-2

 Once in the correct connection mode, NOW plug in the Evo-1 and click on the OPTIONS tab right on the screen, (please refrain from accessing the offline menu) and scroll down to Function 38 and enable mode 2 (38.2) and click on the GREEN save button on either the top right or bottom right side of the screen, (DO NOT CLICK ON  THE FLASH BUTTON on the bottom right side of the screen, this is only for batch-flashing modules)
Thanks for the reply, could you clarify on how to avoid using the hood pin connection if possible?
i have disabled the D related options and enabled 38.5. my car is not remote starting. with lock-unlock-lock any advice?
Enable option C1-OEM remote monitoring and try it out...


The hood pin connection is there to prevent remote starting while the hood is open. You can test your stuff without this connection but it is a safety standard to install this if the vehicle is not equipped with a factory hood switch.
ok, can you confirm what option i would disable to avoid requiring using the hood pin?
is anyone able to comment on this? I still have yet to be able to remote start my car.
There is no option to change if you don't want to install it.


At this time the option C1 is not enable on the bypass side, enable C1, save options and reconnect to vehicle

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