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How to stop alarm from going off minutes after remote start on mitsubishi outlander fastkey.

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Minutes after remote starting 2010 mitsubishi outlander xls 3.0 with fastkey , The alarm goes off . Installed , Fortin evo-all with crimestopper . Guide # 3088 . Connected through data link . Vehicle will run full 20 minutes , but not with out alarm going off . Please help . Not sure if it has motion detector .
posté Fev 2, 2018 dans la catégorie Mitsubishi par Bentley Brewer (150 points)

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If the alarme goes off by itself, the vehicle is equipped with motion detector and you must do the connections shown in the install guide.
répondu Fev 5, 2018 par Mathieu Bertrand Collin (62,020 points)
Thank you for your reply . Yes , you are correct about the motion detector , but my vehicle does not have one . I found the problem and all is working good now . At first i connected everything and vehicle started but moments later the alarm kept going off . Then i found out i was suppose to connect the fastkey wire and motion detector if equipted . The reason i never connected the fastkey wire in the first place ,  was because my tipsheet told me not to connect wires shown with dotted lines . Then i found out fast key was suppose to be wired up . So i did . Alarm still went off moments after remote start . So then i thought , mabey i have to program my evo-all again . So i did . The alarm is no longer going off and all is working great now . Thanks , Bentley .