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Jeep programming NO blue light

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2016 Jeep Cherokee Evo All with Tharness 6, going through progamming and cant get past step 6, step 7 tells me to turn key to on and red light goes out, blue light coms on. Tried this several tiime, making sure I followed instructions to  T, but blue light never comes on. One more thing...........I could not find the interior temp sensor, so i Never hooked up the yellow wire for it, does this matter?  Please Help!
posté Jan 12, 2018 dans la catégorie Jeep par Mike Irving (260 points)
modifié Jan 12, 2018 par Mike Irving

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Yellow wire needs to be connected to an ignition source.

Typically we grab at the temp sensor. If temp sensor does not exist on car, you will have to find a different igniiton source
répondu Jan 12, 2018 par Robb (262,670 points)
driver kick panel is another spot. Test wires before connecting.