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2014 Ford F-150 ignitions turns on no start?

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I hooked up the device and shown in the YouTube video. Keys have been programmed. Devices turns on the ignition I hear the fuel pump turn on but no start? Dash says system start fault. Any ideas? Bought the device preprogrammed
posté Jan 6, 2018 dans la catégorie Ford par Vinnie Irion (130 points)

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I asked this same question only a couple hours ago and solved my problem so here it is. On page 4 of FORTIN stand alone  remote wiring diagram guide#34421.DON'T USE THE PURPLE WITH YELLOW. Look closely at A16 ( there is no wire options  You can barely read it saying purple/yellow..It's not being used.Youtube video is for a slightly different vendor's application. Same harness.YELLOW wire A1 IGNITION + (20 pin white connector) goes to YELLOW/BLACK stripe of the T-HARNESS.Only 2 wires splice. THIS IS WHERE WE ARE MAKING OUR MISTAKE. Once I cut out the purple /yellow from the splice ,I pressed my key lock 3x and it started.Pressed it 3X again and shut off.Careful though ,push the lock button 3x fast or it will think you are just locking your truck.Foot brake pedal needed to be pressed a little hard to shut off ,not like tapping off the cruise control. Now I'm testing the time/out .Good luck to all because I didn't need the flash-link uploader. P.S. the time out on mine is 15 minutes and it works.
répondu Jan 13, 2018 par robert knopf (200 points)