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Unable to get EVO-ONE & MAZ3 harness to work in Mazda CX5 2015 (Solved!)

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I wanted to post this in case anyone was running into the same issue.

Here's an overview of my situation:

I tried everything. I can't get it to work at all. When trying  to remote start nothing happens. The EVO does not sense the lock/unlock commands sent over the canbus. So there for, the car will not remote start.

(The blue light should flash when reading the lock/unlock commands over the canbus sent from the form key fob.)

I've gone though the programming process multiple times.  Complete it everytime without any issues. Then ran though the Dcryptor process successfully. I meticulously followed the directions. The flashlink software always decrypted and upload fine. Tried all recent firmware within the last year. Still no dice...

After the holiday I contacted fortin support. I was given a key piece of info.  When plugging the evo back into the vehicle after dcrypting, no leds should illuminate.  They were cycling when I did it.  Tech support told me that this means that the unit did not accept the key (even though I did have any errors. Well up until this point) So he said it's the key.  I thought to myself, it the original key that came with the car, so what gives/?

Well guess what.... it was the mother f@#(<;% key!

I bought the car used, and it only came with a single key.  So I had to go to the dealer and have a secondary one made.  Using the new key, I had no issues programming. Everything works fantastic.

Remote start, check!
Secure takeover, big check!

But it only works with the new key, the original one still doesnt work with the evo.  Very strange.  If any has any ideas let me know.

Side note; I installed the same setup in my mom's CX5.  Same car, only difference is that it came with two keys from the factory.  No problems what so ever.  The install took under an hour.  Both keys work, even alternating the remote start sequence between them worked.

Key1; lock
Key2: unlock
Key1: lock

It's a bingo!
posté Dec 30, 2017 dans la catégorie Mazda par Neil M (200 points)
modifié Dec 30, 2017 par Neil M

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I echo this problem/solution.  My 2014 CX-5 was purchased used and came with two keys.  The short story is I had to reset the EVO-ONE to factory default, then re-program and run the decryptor using the other key.  Now everything works perfectly, as advertised.....using that key.
répondu Jan 16, 2018 par Craig Ratcliffe (150 points)
Hi Craig, So do both keys work with your vehicle?