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2007 ES350 EvO One will not crank when remote start.

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I have installed all the wiring according to Guide #19101.  The module appears to successfully have programmed to the car, however, when I do the 3 button push on the factory remote it does not start the car.  I have attached the rf642 and was able to successfullly program one of the remotes.  When I try to start the car via the 2 way remote, the parking lights come on and it it looks like it is trying to start, however, none of the dash lights come on.  The red led by the cut loop wire is blinking and after about 30 seconds it quits attempting to start.  I can also hear sounds in the car as if something was activated, When it finally quits, the partking lights appear to blink 4 times, which should indicate no tach.  But Im not sure what to look for in that.  

And finally, the 2 way remote was controlling the locks at one point, but that has stopped and I am not able to program the second remove via the valet switch or by the ign on off on method.

Edit: I have been able to get the other remote to program and now the remotes are making calls to the  bypass/RS, however, when I try to RS the car it clicks, RED LED comes on, but it does not go ignition.  After it fails twice, the lights blink 4 times still.  Not sure why it wouldnt be getting tach at this point.
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When working on this install I was using guide #19101 and using the newest recommended firmware (79.44) and I was not able to get it to start.  After calling support, they had me downgrade the firmware to 79.25.  After the downgrade, they had me do a master reset, by holding down the programming button while connecting the 6 Pin connector(which was already wired into the car).  The leds go through their normal led cycling.  Then I let go of the programming button when it was red. Then I held the programming button down again until all 3 leds started to alternate.  After that I disconnected the unit.  From there I had to hook the module back up the the FLU2.  Once in there I had to make sure the D6 option was selected.  Once that was done I programmed module in the car per the instructions in Guide #19101.  After that, the car started via RS.

I attempted to install the module per guide #57231, but I was not able to get the unit to start after the install, so I had to revert back to this install.  The only reason I wanted to install this way was for the advertised key take over, since the RS will shutdown when the door is open in any other installation setup.  Since I was not able to get the key takeover to work, I rolled back to this install and turned off the door monitor in the bypass setup.  This way, the door is not detected when it is opened during RS and the module does not turn off.  And since I am not using the module as an alarm, it shouldnt be an issue.  This is useful if the car is running and someone needs to put something in the car before we leave, or if the family gets in the vehicle before I do.  Not as good as key takeover, but better than the RS cutting off anytime someone opens a door.

Hope this helps someone else.
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Any Ideas?  I have been at this for 3 days now with all sorts of changes to the configuration all with no luck.  I just installed an EVO One on a Honda accord the other day and it took like 3 hours and was done, but I been on this car forever :\
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Verify your steering lock connection and make sure white/blue is connected to 12v.

Put a multimeter on white/red, what's the voltage on it when trying to remote start ?
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My steering lock was correct and white blue was connectd to 12V,  I finally called into support and they had me downgrade the firmware from the recommended version in Flash Link Manager(I think 79.44) to version 79.25.  From there I programmed the unit and it worked fine.
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