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In the install guide it states the minimum hardware ver 3. Is this refering to the Starter or EVO-ALL hardware?

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I'm looking for some clarification.

In the installation guide for a Mazda CX5, Evo-one + Thar-one-Maz3 Guide  # 68261.  Its states Hardware Verison: 3 Minimum.

On that back of my evo-one there is mulitple hardware versions listed.

Starter 7.1.21
EVO-ALL 2.4.18
Date: 10/2017

I'm confused, the starter hardware version is above ver 3, but the evo-all is below 3.  In the guide which version is it refering too?  Since the unit has a recent build date (10/2017) i would think that it would be the lastest and greatest hardware version, Right??  Why would fortin be still manufacturing old versions?

thanks in advance!
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posté Dec 16, 2017 dans la catégorie Mazda par Neil M (200 points)
fermé Dec 30, 2017 par Neil M

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I am running the same specs as you, but with a build date of 07/2017. 3x lock and all features appear to be working correctly for me. 2016 Mazda CX-5 push to start.


répondu Dec 17, 2017 par Brian Lemley (180 points)
I haven't had to time to install the Evo-one just yet. I'm hoping to install the system later on this week. I'll report back on how it all works out.
Everything works, install is literally sub 10 minutes even with the parking light hook up, crazy simple with this combo. I did have to do the program/decrypt twice, may have been a hiccup or just me. Good luck and enjoy!
I've tried everything. I can't get it to work at all. I try to remote start and nothing happens. No lights come on, on the evo. Not sure if they suppose too or not. The car behaves like the Evo is not installed. If i start the car manually, the yellow light illuminates. I even tried a new harness, and evo.. still nothing. I ran through the programming and dcryptor multiple upon multiple times, but no luck. I meticulously followed the directions. I'm 99% sure I did everything correct. The flashlink software always decrypted and upload fine. Im at a total loss...
Is there a limit on keys programmed to the car? If there where 3 keys linked to the car, would that be an issue when trying to use the evo?
ok i found out something that happen to me and i still cant get it to work but i was able to program it. there is 2 clip on for the canbus. there is a small one that you want to connect. leave the big one alone and dont connect it. you should be able to get it program and dcrypte it but after that no alarm system or anything. you wont even get the option to add it or anything.
I just plugged in back into the car. When connecting the 6-pin connector the lights Flash in succession. After all the other cables are connected the flashing stops. When I manually start the car there's no lights that go on on the unit. I could have sworn yesterday there was a yellow light that stays lit but it's not doing that today. And just to reiterate, when trying to remote stop the car with the OEM fob I see no activity with any lights on the evo unit.
Did you ever find a solution I’m having the exact problem on my 2015 Mazda 3