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2014 Honda Accord PTS witrh HON3 t harness - remote not active during remote start

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just installed a EVO-ONE with the HON3 harness - remote isnt active while vehicle is running. It can be unlocked by touching handle with smart key in pocket. But nothing from the remote to unlock or 3x lock stop the car. 3x lock start works perfect. Everything else works perfect. I remember seeing something mention about a mod to the harness but its not on the guide for the Accord.
posté Dec 10, 2017 dans la catégorie Honda par Mike Payne (490 points)

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Service number to the unit please?
répondu Dec 11, 2017 par derek ! (284,550 points)
Derek, the unit is installed in the customers car. Shes getting use out of it the way it is. . Can it be looked up by my account? Is it on the barcode on the box? Does my PC keep record of units I flashed?
It can only be located on the back of the module....
I'll have to get the customer to bring back their car to retreive ir. What exactly in the service number is that going to tell us? I enabled everything in the guide that it told me to. Obivously the fortin is communicating with the Honda for door locks, as it unlocks the car right before remote start to disarm the factory alarm.
I thought maybe since its a decrypter remote start it may be logged? As DEI does with Keytogo
Service number is to confirm firmware/options.

Another test you can do is to see if the blue led flashes when the car is remote started and you are pressing lock on the OEM remote or if equipped pressing the proximity button on the door handle.