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AX-RF2 - antenna LED won't flash and remotes will not program

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I've installed an AX-ONE on my 2015 Ford Focus and it works properly off of the factory remotes.

I'm adding the AX-RF2 universal antenna with 2 remotes to the system.

Previously I asked a question about the need to change programmed function settings using the Flash-Link to allow for programming the remote/activating the antenna.

I received a reply stating that I do not need to change any program function settings.

The problem that I am having is that the antenna LED never lights up and I have not been able to program the remotes.  
I've tried looking up installation instructions for the AX-RF2 without any success.
I found the instructions and manual for the FTX44-2W and RF442W (which appears to be the same unit under the EVO name brand).

It appears that I only need to plug in the AX-RF2 antenna into the AX-ONE's (4 PIN) Data-Link antenna port and then go through the programming steps that I've listed below:

1: Turn ignition On

2: Turn ignition Off

3: Turn ignition On

4: Antenna LED "should" turn On (but doesn't)

5: Press Brake Pedal 4 times

6: Press & Release the {-} button then the {Stop} button on each remote
7: Turn ignition Off

Am I missing something or using the wrong instructions?
posté Dec 3, 2017 dans la catégorie Ford par James Franks (180 points)

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Try flashing the remote starter with 121 firmware and re try remote programming.
répondu Dec 4, 2017 par derek ! (285,690 points)
Thanks.  I will try changing the Remote Starter Firmware Version to 1.21 tomorrow morning.

Derek:  Is there any particular reason you make this suggestion?

Does anyone have the official programming steps for the AX-RF2 when used with the AX-ONE?

I know Fortin makes this product.  Why is it impossible to find?

As suggested I flashed the AX-One Remote Starter with Firmware Version 1.21.
Attemped programming of AX-RF2 remotes without success.

I also attempted a different programming method from a Fortin YouTube video for their RF-Kit without success.  Those steps were as follows

1:  Hold down AX-ONE Program Button while installing the AX-ONE's (White - 6  PIN) Power Connector.
2:  Release the Program Button when Red & Blue LEDs are On.
3:  Again hold down AX-ONE Program Button.  The Red & Blue LEDs will go out. 
4:  Release the Program Button when the Red & Blue LEDs come back On.
5:  Plug in all remaining connectors to the AX-ONE.
6:  Turn Ignition Switch to the On/Run position.
7: Press & Release the {-} button then the {Stop} button on each remote
8: Turn ignition Off

NOTE:  I still have never seen the antenna's LED light up.  The antenna's LED is not disabled and only set to be off with ignition.  I don't know if that is a sign that the antenna or port on the AX-ONE might be bad.  I will test the antenna cable for continuity for troubleshooting such a possible issue.

you are following the wrong programming procedure. That is for a ax-all. you have an ax-one. 

Make sure you dont use the spiltter cable. plug the antenna directly into the small blue port of the ax-one and following the picture below for programming remotes. 15844283240316870549" style="width: 600px; height: 262px;">

Thanks Derek.  I just came back in from wringing out the antenna cable (and it checked good).
I realized that the YouTube video procedure was for the AX-All, but I was trying anything possible since I have no official documentation for the AX-RF2.

As I had attempted to do previously, I then tried the programming steps I found on the RF442W Quick Installation Guide using the Ignition Switch programming procedure without success.
I wonder if the RF442W Ignition Switch programming procedure is disabled whenever the Valet Switch is installed in the AX-One?

I then tried the procedure that you just posted above (as it was another listed option, just below the Ignition Switch).  Programming went smoothly!  Thanks God as it is getting cold outside!  

NOTE:  The AX-RF@ antenna's LED did come on (flashing rapidly) after I pressed the brake pedal when using the Valet Switch Programming procedure.

I greatly appreciate your assistance.  I hope that our postings here will assist anyone else down the road.
glad to hear! enjoy the warm car this winter!