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2017 Ford Taurus with regular SA KEY?

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2017 is not listed but 2016 is. Will evo-fort1 work on this vehicle. It looks like same model as the 2015 I have done.
posté Nov 22, 2017 dans la catégorie Ford par Mike Payne (490 points)

1 Réponse

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Vehicle has not been seen or tested. So cannot say if it will work or not.
répondu Nov 22, 2017 par Derek (227,910 points)
So nobody has done a 2017 Taurus. Find that hard to believe. Something got to be up  with it. Idatlink DEI or Fortin shows no 2017 Taurus with regular or smart key. I just hate to tell customer. ‘Hey bring your car in with 600 miles on it and let’s tear it apart to see if it will work or not’. I’ve been installing car stereo and electronics since 1990. I guess were go back to the old days on this one when you actually had to figure stuff out. I just don’t want to get in there and waste time. Doing 2 or 3 remote starts a day it’s a busy time. If its got 4 wire PATS connector should be like a 2016. If it’s a 6 wire PATS treat RX and TX like a focus or similiar?


Anyone else chime in here?
I agree with you 100%.

My suggestion is to wait until it is listed so you dont have to do what you have stated above.

But short and simple is if its not listed it's not covered.
I relayed this to my customer. We will see what he would like to do. Thanks