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OEM remote lock/unlock not working while vehicle is running on 2006 Honda Odyssey

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I have a Fortin EVO ALL with a Crimestopper RS1-G5 remote starter on my 2006 Honda Odyssey.

Remote start works great but I can not lock/unlock with the OEM remote while the remote start is active. When I press the lock/unlock buttons on the remote, the blue light on the EVO-ALL activates. If I manually unlock the doors with the key, the sliding door button on the OEM remote still works. I did not hard wire any connections to the lock/unlock wires as I thought the D2D connection between the starter and EVO-ALL would take care of that.

I searched and firmware is 4.18. I don't own a unit to upload the latest firmware. Would the update allow for the OEM remote to control the door locks while the engine is running? I've read mixed information on this. Or should I hardwire the lock/unlock wires to the EVO-ALL?
posté Nov 18, 2017 dans la catégorie Honda par AndyT (130 points)

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As far as I know, on a 2006 Odyssey, the OEM Honda Remote will not lock/unlock the doors while the engine is running.

It didn't do this before you added the remote start, and it will not after.

(I am sure somebody could make it work somehow)

Neither will it start the engine with the OEM 3X Lock.

Not sure the OEM Honda Remote will open the sliding doors while in park, as you say. I have not tried it.


I also have an '06 Odyssey.

I personally use an EVO-ONE with a RF642W remote.

The RF642W remote does everything (as far as I know) the original remote did, so I no longer even carry the Honda Remote at all.

Remote Start, Lock, Unlock, Open Either Sliding Doors,

Someone told me I can even open/close the windows, I honestly have never even tried.



I would ***think*** you need something other than a 1 Button Remote.

I'm pretty sure you have many options to add a multi-button, 1-way remote to your current system.


An expert will answer shortly and I'm sure will give you correct options to upgrade your 1 Button Crimestopper remote.

If a cheap upgrade exists that will start, stop, lock, unlock, panic, and open the sliding doors, (maybe even roll up/down the windows too)

I would suggest you get that and ditch the OEM Remotes alltogether.

Good luck!


répondu Nov 18, 2017 par john rizzo (230 points)