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Disable Unlock Confirmation Horn

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I installed an EVO-ONE on my 2016 Subaru Impreza (key) using the T-Harness.  Everything is working well so far but just learning the system so far.  


On the Subaru, to unlock the door on the OEM fob, you hit unlock once for the drivers door and unlock a second time to unlock all doors.  On the RF kit with the FTX-64-2W fobs, if I hit unlock once, the drivers door unlocks.  If I hit it again, the horn honks twice and unlocks all the doors.  I believe Subaru does the 1 unlock driver/2 unlock all, whereas the EVO-ONE thinks that I want to do a confirmation unlock.  


Is there a way to disable the confirmation unlock?  I don't know if I can flip function 12 to mode 2 so that it thinks I have a siren and will output nothing.  But since I am using the T-Harness, I'm a bit worried that if I do that, it may activate or do something to the "Ignition2", whatever that may be, since I'm using the T-Harness.  


The other option is to cut the horn wire, but I don't feel like digging under the dash again.  


posté Nov 17, 2017 dans la catégorie Subaru par mike wisniewski (430 points)

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You can either disconnect the horn wire (orange/black) and the horn won't honk.


Make horn sound with lock only setting option 11.5 in the rs.
répondu Nov 17, 2017 par derek ! (285,690 points)
Yeah, thank you for this information.  I grabbed the instructions when I was heading out and saw this option and then your message later.  Thanks for the information.  I changed 11.5 and it works great with the horn now....exactly as I wanted.  


I've had a few other hiccups that are still unsolved.  I'm going to see what I can find.