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Ignition door lock option not working?

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I finished installing Evo One on my Outlander 2017 with PTS, everything is working other than door lock wont lock after push the foot brake but it work unlocking doors after key is turned off as option 7.2 said,I did try different settings on the alarm side too but still not working, I want my doors to lock when the car is running or after the ignition is on.


The remote start work with the oem remote 3x lock and also I can turn it off with the 3x lock too, also if I push the foot brake while the remote starter is running it'll stop, so the foot brake is working.

When the remote start is running the doors unlock before start and then lock after is running option 6.2 is enable.

Evo One

Service # 002B02203182      Preload Date:38-2017    Harware Version:2   Firmware Version:74.22

Flash-link Updater   Hardware Version:4   Firmware Version 4.03

Thanks for any help

posté Nov 7, 2017 dans la catégorie Mitsubishi par Sammy Ortiz (140 points)

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